About Us
With an idea and a commitment, Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd was founded in 1983. The idea was to improve the human living and working environment with worldwide sourcing. The commitment was to provide the highest quality, technology and most economic value products to our customers. Developed more than 30 years ago, this philosophy is still the fundamental operating principle of Delta Pyramax today.

Delta Pyramax had most experience on following industries: Fire & Smoke Protection System, Energy Saving System, HVAC System, Waste Water Treatment System, Air Cleaning & Filtering System, Environmental Acoustic System etc. Most of our products are leaders in the market. The focus of Delta Pyramax has always provided excellent customer service. Whether it is in the initial design phase, during construction, or after project completion, our sales teams deliver expert customer support.

Through active membership and participation, Delta Pyramax is a member of the following association: Hong Kong Registered Ventilation Contractors Association since 1992, The Fire Protection Association since 1994, The Hong Kong Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Association Ltd. since 2002. Delta Pyramax is committed to supporting our product groups and worked with product manufacturers to achieve higher product performance, testing standards, certification & guidelines for the best customer value.
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