Upcoming Events
Restaurant & Bar Exhibition
Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong is the leading fine dining and bar exhibition in Asia-Pacific. With its unique position focusing on the top-quality food service and the bar market, it has undoubtedly become the business event of the year delivering top-end buyers from Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong. For Delta, this is a great platform to meet peers and promote the Sweatless Diffuser for related industry such as hotel and catering. Let's come and join! Booth No: GA06 For more detail, Please visit www.restaurantandbarhk.com/en/contact.php
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Palm Oil Sarawak 2014
Palmex Sarawak 2014 is an international palm oil industry event. On 10-11 September 2014, more than 5,000 industry professionals are going to visit the strategic, operational and technology aspects of the Sarawak and Asean’s palm oil industry. This year, Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd will bring the whole industry an advanced filtration technology - VSEP system. It can turn POME into clean, reusable water. A demonstration will be held at our booth #1083. Venue:Bintulu Civic Center, (Dewan Suarah) Jalan Tum Datuk Patinggi Haji Ahmad Zaidi, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia For more, please visit: www.palmoilsarawak.com
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Build4Asia 2014
The Build4Asia2014 show has been completed and turned out to be very busy for us. Many of new and old customers visited our booth for the latest products on display and successfully attracted many inquiries, hopefully they can be turned into orders in coming future. With such a great start, we can definitely drive up our business not only for this year but also sustainable growth for the long term. See you all on Build4Asia2016!
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Product News
Tecnovap Steam Vacuum Cleaner
On 23rd October 2013, our representatives visited Tecnovap in Verona, Italy for product training & factory visit. The extensive training and hands-on practice prove Tecnovap machines are of high quality and user friendly. Cleaning with steam vacuum machines not only benefits the environment, but also improves efficiency of workers. For more information, please visit our website (Products > Environment > Tecnovap) or (Products > Kitchen > Tecnovap)
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DATS @ Texcare Asia 2013/11/22
Texcare Asia in Shanghai has finally come to an end, it was a great success. Representatives from DATAMARS with our Shanghai team as well as our HK team showed their good relationship and also communication with principal, which are our valued advantages. Offering a simple and flexible automated solution for industrial laundry and garment/linen management is what we put on Texcare show. It helps managing both your tangible and intangible costs. For more information, please visit ( Products > Others > DATS )
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FirePro Seminar for MTRC
With over 100 MTR staff attending, we have successfully held a FirePro Aerosol seminar on 14th May,2013 at Fo Tan MTRC Headquarter. The prime aim of the seminar was to convey FirePro advantages over the existing fire extinguishing agents as well as assist MTRC personnel gaining a concrete knowledge on the application of FirePro since the first formal installation of MTRC will be completed in Lam Tin Station by the end of this year. FirePro Extinguishing Aerosol Systems use the latest generation of stable SBK aerosol forming solid compound (non-pyrotechnic). It emphasizes non-negative environmental and safety issues after activation. Upon activation, the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on Potassium salts. To learn more about the seminar or FirePro products, please refer to the FirePro section in our website (Products > Fire > Fire Pro) or www.fireprohk.com/
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Project News

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