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SaniPod @ Zero Carbon Building
We always look for opportunities to help the environment, building for the sustainable future and we have been working with Zero Carbon Building since its inception to continue introducing better green technology. From the SunPipe and WindCatcher for passive lighting and coolling, to waste compacting machine for reduced waste collection to SaniPod hygiene solutions to keep our environment safer and more hygienic.
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Intl. Nurses Day 12th May 2021
A helping hand in care and nursing. The inmu sensory cushion is easy and intuitive to use. There are no cumbersome buttons and settings – music and soft vibrations play as long as you touch it. This makes it ideal for professional care. Among other things, it provides calm, better sleep and facilitates care situations.
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Hand Hygiene Day 5th May 2021
5th May is World Hand Hygiene Day. Hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent transmission of infectious microorganism when in contact. So, remember to clean your hands regularly. We’ve been trying to make hand washing easier and more accessible by introducing Meritech and Smixin, hoping to address the common excuses such as too troublesome and inconvenient. Meritech offers automated hand washing, just put your hands in and it will wet, scrub and rinse for you within 12 seconds. Currently used in factories and schools. Meanwhile Smixin offers a water saving design that uses so little water, the mobile unit can be placed anywhere without plumbing access. It dispenses water, soap and paper towel automatically, so you won’t forget to apply soap. It is used in common places like KFC, McDonald’s, Citywalk etc.
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Product News
Revive Tech Asia
Exhibitions are back! Together with URBANEO and City Innovation Horizon, we have exhibited at Revive Tech Asia to showcase and demonstrate an Interactive & Engaged Waste-Wise Technology designed for Green Programmes.
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Gerontech Solution Sharing
We were overjoyed to be selected to share our many Gerontech products and solutions over the last two days. We had the opportunity to share our esense Electric drive patient lift that focuses on solving OSH concerns and many infection control technologies such as UV-C (UV-222) and cross-infection prevention concepts.
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GS1 HK Solution Day
Please accept our utmost appreciation for visiting our booth & searching our logistics solutions at GS1 HK Solution Day. We had the opportunity to showcase SmartMat, Proglove and Syrius Robotics Warehouse Robot, which was running around the room distributing materials.
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Project News
Greaselock-Venetian Grand Orbit
Congratulations to our Macau office! First Greaselock filter installation at Venetian Grand Orbit! Greaselock is the first patented completely disposable grease filter for kitchen exhaust systems, and Delta Pyramax has been the distributor for Greaselock. Greaselock offers these benefits: (1) Reduce potential fire risk. (2) Save on exhaust system cleaning. (3) Save on water and chemical consumption. (4) Reduce energy costs. For more information, please visit our website (Products > Environment >Greaselock) or (Products > Kitchen > Greaselock)
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Renovation of Hospital Ward
Patients with kidney disease are always treated with renal dialysis, which is a extremely time-consuming process. In view of it, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, PYNEH, has adopted SkyCeiling to their renovation of ward H8 - a dialysis and renal center. Inside ward H8, SkyCeiling will be the key factor to help the staff in handling the dialysis process. With such nature experience, the patients will be much relax during the stay in the center. Even though SkyCeiling was introduced into the PYNEH project during the design stage, it can also be applied into the existing design, since all the parts of SkyCeiling are flexible and compatible with the latest facilities in Hospital. To explore more on the PYNEH project and SkyCeiling, please click into the SkyCeiling section of our website (Products > Build > Skyfactory - Skyceiling)or www.skyceiling.com.hk/
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