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Happy Chinese New Year 2021
Part of Chinese New Year tradition, we have a housecleaning ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year. We would need to dust the table, polish the gates, mop the floor, clean the windows, tidy up the living room etc. As a continuing promotion of cleaning the right way, this year we have created a "Hamper" of cleaning products for our long time customers as well as a series of Lucky Bags featuring different cleaning and health products for sale during the Chinese New Year on our eSeekShop web store. We hope to help everyone clean smart, enjoy the cleaning result, and make your efforts worthwhile. Please note, as usual, we have special office hours during the CNY period: 11 Feb 0900-1300, 12-15 Feb Closed, 16 Feb 0900-1300. Stay safe and 恭喜發財!
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Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Christmas is near! Although it might be the quietest Christmas this year, with annual Party cancelled, we try to create Christmas atmosphere as much as possible around the office. We are fortunate enough so far to operate with precautions such as offering Meritech Handwashing stations at the entrance, Hocliaq sanitizer for visitors and staffs to sanitize their belongings etc., and so we hope to keep this going safely. Please note, as usual, we have special office hours during the Christmas period: 24 Dec 0900-1300, 25-26 Dec Closed, 28-30 Dec 0900-1730, 31-Dec 0900-1300. Stay safe and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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GIES 2020
GIES is going ahead unaffected this year but under preventive measures. This year again, we have a feature booth for InmuRELAX and InmuDANCE along side our other products: Ello Rollator, Medicustek, Wrappon, DyCare, Sippa and Turtle Gym. Most products have generated great interests during the show as some of our products were featured in Carer Pavilion and Telehealth Pavilion, including InmuRELAX, InmuDANCE, Wrappon and DyCare.
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Product News
NavVis VLX – CITF Pre-approved
NavVis VLX is now a CITF pre-approved equipment. NavVis VLX is a wearable indoor mobile mapping system that enables high quality capture of both point clouds and imagery in one scan. Pre-approved Code: PA21-025. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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Assistive Technologies for Active Ageing
In 2041, nearly 1/3 of the population in Hong Kong will be an elderly. This will create a great demand for care to the society as well as families. An elderly-friendly or age-friendly environment should encourage active ageing by allowing elderlies to remain active and independent, as both leads to better physical and mental health. This can be done with the help of different types of assistive technologies as showcased at GIES Exhibition and medical fair. Ranging from Active Mobility, to Fall Prevention Systems, we look forward to assist in building a better environment for our ageing population.
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Quick-fix Solutions
Fixing something that has already been set or built is a pain to many. Sometimes we are forced to accept flaws as reality due to cost or time constraints. But it does not have to be this way. We have a few “quick-fix” solutions to some of the common problems we see every day. TrapGuard, a quick-fix to sewer gases causing potential health risks as exposed by SARS and COVID19. Aeroseal a quick-fix to leaking air ducts, an automatic process of assessment and sealing opening simultaneously, see your leakage drop in real-time. Brixor a quick-fix to grout problems such as dissimilar grout colour against floor/wall tiles or discolouring due to mold or stain.
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Project News

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