Upcoming Events
Gerontech & Innovation Expo GIES
Visit us at Booth No. 1A-C20! (21/Nov - 24/Nov - HKCEC). This year an exciting line up to Healthcare and Wellness products have been selected. This includes the introduction of Maricare Elsi & Elsa Non-surveillance Monitoring Smart Floor, MedicusTek Fall Prevention Bed Sensor, EMFit Bed Sensor and Ello Power Assisted Smart Rollator. We also have the return of Aerolet Toilet Lift, Wrappon Auto Seal & Pack Commode Chair, Goloo Inflated & Disposable Bedpan. Meanwhile we also have a co-host booth at 1B-C16 dedicated to Inmu Touch invited specifically from Denmark to showcase their unique technology in dementia. We have from Denmark guest speaker Mr. Anders Hansen making a speech on dementia care solution on 20/Nov.
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China Fire (Beijing) 2019
We are going to participate in one of the biggest Fire Safety tradeshow in China, showing FirePro products at China Fire (Beijing) from 16th to 19th October, and introduce the innovative technology of it, as well as their advantages and applications. Audience will have a better understanding towards the whole series of FirePro products and the solutions they have provided. We are looking forward to discuss further about the creative break through in safety industry.
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EcoExpo Asia (HK) 2019
Visit us at Booth No. 3-G21! (30/Oct - 2/Nov - AsiaWorld-Expo) We are going to advice you on highly effective water-saving cleaning machines, eco-friendly chemicals and water saving products. We have the following product: Cleanfix, Propelair, hycleaner, Duop...Please feel free to discuss with us to address your concerns!
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Product News
Hygiene and Protection
As we saw the second wave of COVID-19 cases rising, we further step up our effort to protect our staffs. Since last year, we already have our Meritech automatic handwasher to promote staff hygiene, encouraging staff to wash their hands after returning to office. This month, we placed a diffuser using Hocliaq HOCl water and several sprayers at different corners of our office entrance for disinfection during peak hours. We have proposed the same method to school and church as to reduce risk of infection. As part our vision, we always look to use technology to promote change to our environment for the better and during this pandemic, it was no exception. Stay safe.
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Slowly rediscover your health
Turtle Gym is a series of isokinetic electric assisted gym equipment that helps Elderly strengthen their muscles that are essential to daily activities. Like moving in water, the faster you move, the greater resistance/load you will experience. These gym equipments provide the load right for you automatically, greatly reducing the risk of injury. It is ideal for Elderly Homes, Hospitals, and Therapists.
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Promat BIM Portal
BIM Portal now available for Promat passive fire protection and insulation solutions! Being a well-known and leading manufacturer & supplier of high quality products designed for passive fire protection matters, Promat has prepared for you BIM objects in the field of partitions, ceilings, ducting, enclosures, cavity/smoke barriers, and structural/concrete protection. Pls visit this link for BIM objects download: https://www.bimobject.com/en/promat-asia-pacific
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Project News

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