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Happy Chinese New Year 2022
As Chinese New Year is approaching, it's time we start cleaning up our home and offices again. Remember to clean smart, not hard!! You can make your cleaning process more enjoyable and less frustrating, less exhausting with the right equipment and the right tools! Please note, as usual, we have special office hours during the CNY period: 29Jan-06Feb Closed, business resumes on 07Feb. Stay safe and 恭喜發財!
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2021 Holiday Hour
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please note, as usual, we have special office hours during the Christmas period: 21 Dec 0900-1300, 24 Dec 0900-1300, 25-27 Dec Closed, 31 Dec 0900-1300.
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Learning and Teaching Expo 2021
Thank you for visiting us at Learning and Teaching Expo 2021. If you missed the chance to take a look at our steam vacuum machine Blue Evolution Steam Hero, Kleen Purgatis Ecolabel cleaning detergent, DUOP ergonomic mop, please feel free to contact us.
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Product News
Assistive Technologies for Active Ageing
In 2041, nearly 1/3 of the population in Hong Kong will be an elderly. This will create a great demand for care to the society as well as families. An elderly-friendly or age-friendly environment should encourage active ageing by allowing elderlies to remain active and independent, as both leads to better physical and mental health. This can be done with the help of different types of assistive technologies as showcased at GIES Exhibition and medical fair. Ranging from Active Mobility, to Fall Prevention Systems, we look forward to assist in building a better environment for our ageing population.
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Quick-fix Solutions
Fixing something that has already been set or built is a pain to many. Sometimes we are forced to accept flaws as reality due to cost or time constraints. But it does not have to be this way. We have a few “quick-fix” solutions to some of the common problems we see every day. TrapGuard, a quick-fix to sewer gases causing potential health risks as exposed by SARS and COVID19. Aeroseal a quick-fix to leaking air ducts, an automatic process of assessment and sealing opening simultaneously, see your leakage drop in real-time. Brixor a quick-fix to grout problems such as dissimilar grout colour against floor/wall tiles or discolouring due to mold or stain.
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Clean the right way
In response to the situation of COVID-19, we have further expanded our product line-up and extended our focus on long term vision of Cleaning and Hygiene products. In the past few months, we have introduced Hocliaq, a Hypochlorous Acid Water produced locally using technology by our Japanese partner Aquaflex, Kleen Purgatis' Schonreiniger Lemon and Budesin Sprayoff, an Ecolabel cleaning detergent and a powerful ready-to-use disinfectant from Germany and Trap Guard, a trap seal device for protecting sewers from the USA. We have also supplied hand washing machine to schools to promote hand washing. We have not stopped providing products to hospitals, schools and homes during this difficult time thanks to our colleagues. Since SARS in 2003, we have been introducing new cleaning solutions each year sourced from all over the world that can help you clean smarter and better, making our environment safer and more hygienic. In the past few years, we have increased our effort in promoting our cleaning products in trade shows such as Restaurant and Bar, Retail Expo, Eco Expo Asia and more. Last year we have started an instagram account featuring the #Cleantherightway marketing campaign, setting it as our main objective, because cleaning the right way, means a better environment for everyone. We will continue to work hard to help looking after our environment because there is only one planet for us after all. Let's play our part.
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Project News
Turtle Gym at Lutheran Home for Elderly
Turtle Gym has made its first installation in Hong Kong today! Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for Elderly in Siu Sai Wan has installed two pieces of Turtle Gym, Leg Curl (Left) and Leg Press (Right). The home for elderly provides Continuum of Care for 118 elderly clients. Turtle Gym, founded in Japan, has been serving over 70 elderly homes and therapy facilities is a series of isokinetic electric assisted gym equipment that helps elderly or rehab patients to strengthen their muscles that are essential to daily activities. Like moving in water, the faster you move, the greater the resistance you will experience. Turtle Gym adjusts the load as you move, reducing the risk of injury.
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NOROCK Installation at Caritas Restaurant
Caritas Restaurant at Caritas House, Mid-levels just underwent renovation recently. The restaurant has installed 47 NOROCK Self-stabilising Table Bases (28x T-Base and 19x Parkway 22”). NOROCK’s Self-stabilising Table Bases automatically adapt to the unevenness of the flooring, keeping tables from rocking. It is a great help as the restaurant occasionally transform from serving fast food, nostalgic canto-western cuisine to holding banquets and events. This allows faster set up and guarantees that customers do not experience a rocking table.
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Hand washing can be fun!
Two Meritech Automatic Hand Washing Machines are heading towards local schools. Set at different heights, it is suitable for students and teachers. These are placed outside classrooms and teachers' office to promote the habit of hand washing and that hand washing can be fun! Meritech is an Automatic Hand Washing Machine from the USA. It completes hand washing procedure within 12 seconds and it can remove 99.98% pathogens. During COVID-19, Ireland's HSE has introduced the same model to a COVID-19 contact tracing centre at Merlin Park. Let's enjoy hand washing because proper hand washing can save lives.
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