Upcoming Events
GIES 2021
Thank you for visiting us at our booth at GIES 2021. The show was very well received with overwhelming amount of visits per day! It was rewarding to learn the needs such as Rollz Rhythm providing walking cue for Parkinson's, Robert for continuous rehab exercise, Turtle Gym isokinetic muscle training for elderly and more!
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Medical Fair 2021
Thank you for visiting us at our booth at Medical Fair 2021 with Robert therapy assistant robot being the most popular piece on show. If you missed the opportunity to talk to one of our colleague or if you wish to receive more information, please feel free to contact us at Sales@dpx.hk or Cyprus at Chunyin@dpx.hk.
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HOFEX 2021
Thank you for visiting us at our booth at HOFEX 2021. This year we have featured Hot Serve Unit Flexeserve, Self-stabilising Table Base NOROCK, Kleen Purgatis cleaning chemicals and Hotel orientated IoT solutions. If you missed the opportunity to talk to one of our colleague or if you wish to receive more information, please feel free to contact us at Sales@dpx.hk or Cyprus at Chunyin@dpx.hk.
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Product News
Clean the right way
In response to the situation of COVID-19, we have further expanded our product line-up and extended our focus on long term vision of Cleaning and Hygiene products. In the past few months, we have introduced Hocliaq, a Hypochlorous Acid Water produced locally using technology by our Japanese partner Aquaflex, Kleen Purgatis' Schonreiniger Lemon and Budesin Sprayoff, an Ecolabel cleaning detergent and a powerful ready-to-use disinfectant from Germany and Trap Guard, a trap seal device for protecting sewers from the USA. We have also supplied hand washing machine to schools to promote hand washing. We have not stopped providing products to hospitals, schools and homes during this difficult time thanks to our colleagues. Since SARS in 2003, we have been introducing new cleaning solutions each year sourced from all over the world that can help you clean smarter and better, making our environment safer and more hygienic. In the past few years, we have increased our effort in promoting our cleaning products in trade shows such as Restaurant and Bar, Retail Expo, Eco Expo Asia and more. Last year we have started an instagram account featuring the #Cleantherightway marketing campaign, setting it as our main objective, because cleaning the right way, means a better environment for everyone. We will continue to work hard to help looking after our environment because there is only one planet for us after all. Let's play our part.
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Business in post-COVID world
During the pandemic, we often hear two things; working from home and avoid non-essential travelling. Here I’m thinking, in the post-COVID world, are these still relevant? Thinking back, before the hot topic of COVID-19, it was the continuing discussion of Society 4.0, the Information Society. They actually discuss plenty in common. During COVID-19, working from home and avoid non-essential travelling basically means asking you to work remotely to avoid physical contact, reducing the spread. But what working from home and avoid non-essential travelling means to the post-COVID world, when it’s “business as usual” again is saving time, resources and money. For example, why do you need to travel and manage each business in different areas when you can manage multiple businesses remotely in one place? The problem is, is your business’ infrastructure Society 4.0 ready? One of the difficulties in business, especially for large businesses is stock take and inventory management. Too much, it’s occupying too much storage space or products may expire, stock too low, you may sold out or you have to pay extra for emergency restock. It’s all about being “just right.” What SmartMat’s automated IoT inventory management offers is the automated 24/7 inventory management, allowing remote real-time monitoring with automated reporting, stock level threshold alert, purchase order to vendor and more. Visualise data, observe and analyse trend to consumption level and then strategically optimize your business. SmartMat is easily to install, you can measure all shapes and sizes and you can start small with single product type. With over 20 corporations with their successful stories using SmartMat in Japan, contact us for more information.
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Launch of eSeekShop Web Store
In order to promote our increasing number of consumer products, the eSeekShop Lifestyle Webshop is our latest effort to reach a greater audience and allows everyone to purchase our products directly through the internet. We always appreciate meeting with our customers in person, but at times like COVID-19, it's been very difficult and perhaps, this is the right time for us to launch a Webshop. The Webshop has already been launched and ready to use! Check it out at https://eseekshop.hk/
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Project News
Turtle Gym at Lutheran Home for Elderly
Turtle Gym has made its first installation in Hong Kong today! Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wong Lutheran Home for Elderly in Siu Sai Wan has installed two pieces of Turtle Gym, Leg Curl (Left) and Leg Press (Right). The home for elderly provides Continuum of Care for 118 elderly clients. Turtle Gym, founded in Japan, has been serving over 70 elderly homes and therapy facilities is a series of isokinetic electric assisted gym equipment that helps elderly or rehab patients to strengthen their muscles that are essential to daily activities. Like moving in water, the faster you move, the greater the resistance you will experience. Turtle Gym adjusts the load as you move, reducing the risk of injury.
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NOROCK Installation at Caritas Restaurant
Caritas Restaurant at Caritas House, Mid-levels just underwent renovation recently. The restaurant has installed 47 NOROCK Self-stabilising Table Bases (28x T-Base and 19x Parkway 22”). NOROCK’s Self-stabilising Table Bases automatically adapt to the unevenness of the flooring, keeping tables from rocking. It is a great help as the restaurant occasionally transform from serving fast food, nostalgic canto-western cuisine to holding banquets and events. This allows faster set up and guarantees that customers do not experience a rocking table.
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Hand washing can be fun!
Two Meritech Automatic Hand Washing Machines are heading towards local schools. Set at different heights, it is suitable for students and teachers. These are placed outside classrooms and teachers' office to promote the habit of hand washing and that hand washing can be fun! Meritech is an Automatic Hand Washing Machine from the USA. It completes hand washing procedure within 12 seconds and it can remove 99.98% pathogens. During COVID-19, Ireland's HSE has introduced the same model to a COVID-19 contact tracing centre at Merlin Park. Let's enjoy hand washing because proper hand washing can save lives.
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