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Viega - No hot works press fitting
Viega double press fittings technology convinces in almost every area of application. From sanitation, gas and heating installations to industrial plant installations. Over 800 components ranging from 12 to 108mm make it possible to fit enormous range of installation.---------------------Viega採用先進管道卡壓技術,德國製造、無需明火焊接、高安全性、無需熟練工人、大量省時、卡壓品質一致、最高能達16 BAR工作壓力及工作溫度99°C。 產品符合國際標準、英國水務WRAS標準、德國飲水標準( Trinkiv V )、德國氣體安裝標準TRGI 2008及香港水務署認可。
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