FirePro passes the testing in China
We are pleased to announce that our company has successfully pass the official testing in China for FirePro. FirePro is a friendly,cost effective,Halon alternative,Ozone friendly and environmentally friendly Fire Extinguishing Aerosol System. Above is a photo of the testing reports, including No.Gn201512421, No.Gn201512420 and No.Gn201512419.
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New partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics
ODENSE, DENMARK - SEPTEMBER Blue Ocean Robotics - a leading provider of emerging robotic solutions and -services, today announces a new sales partnership with Delta Pyramax. The partnership enables Blue Ocean Robotics to provide emerging robotic solutions for the health industry in China through Delta Pyramax. The UV-Disinfection Robot will be available through Delta Pyramax.
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Extra fire damper factory
Quick production, available in various sizes & quantity in adjustment; fire damper has been one of our strongest products over the years. With more than 20 years of experience in production, an extra factory was set up in Zhongshan 3 years ago. Having factories both in Hong Kong & Zhongshan enable us to serve more customers through increased production while not sacrificing quality and standard. For more information, email (Photo: Zhongshan factory)
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Achievement in Life – Birth of a Cookbook
Work-life balance is part of our company culture. Apart from taking care of family and spending time with friends, what else would you like to do? Priscilla (aka Waima) from one of our sales teams has recently launched her very first cookbook! Waima has been a blogger for 10 years during her leisure time; being invited by publisher to produce this cookbook is indeed a recognition. Our colleagues are very supportive and happy for her achievement! Juggling between work, family and achievement is certainly not easy.
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