Frying Pearls
Frying Pearls are ceramic balls made with natural ingredients. Frying Pearls is easy to use, maintain quality of cooking oil while reducing smoke and splash during cooking process.
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Work smarter, starting with this Pole
Last time we showcased cleaning of skylight without having to break a sweat. Not enough? This time we cleaned a curtain wall 8m and higher with Ionic's Vertigo pole. Accompanies by Task, the set allows you to go anywhere without water access to clean windows up high from the ground. All these equipments can be stored in a mini-van, its mobility means you can move from job to job quickly, as time = money for your business.
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Your night shift cleaner!
RA660 Navi is an autonomous scrubber dryer robot who works when or where nobody really wants to work. With precision sensors, mapping and programming, it cleans consistently every time at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
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No more Rocking tables with NoRock
NoRock, designed in Australia is a collection of award winning Self-stabilising table bases. Esplanade, Terrace, Avenue, Trail and Parkway, this collection of exquisite, stylish yet practical table bases expands your restaurant/cafe/hotel's customer experience.
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