No more Rocking tables with NoRock
NoRock, designed in Australia is a collection of award winning Self-stabilising table bases. Esplanade, Terrace, Avenue, Trail and Parkway, this collection of exquisite, stylish yet practical table bases expands your restaurant/cafe/hotel's customer experience.
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Clean like a royalty
Clean at ease with Ionic Systems. This week we have visited the HQ of Ionic System in UK, learning their core window cleaning technology and techniques. The products of Ionic Systems consist of two critical parts that is transforming the window cleaning industry. Their van-mounted 7-step ultra pure hot water distribution system and their Reach and Wash cleaning pole that allows cleaner to reach up to 7 storeys. The combination of both means faster and higher quality cleaning, making cleaning safer, more comfortable and mostly importantly profitable.
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Systemclip displays at our showroom
Ever thought about a wall renovation that takes less than a day to complete? Thought about future renovation that just takes a few personnel simply by replacing panels? Serastone's Systemclip answers all that questions. In our office & showroom, we're showcasing the whole range of Serastone's Systemclip installations. From Tabique (Decorative Wall) with pop-up effect, Tabique Giratorio the spinning partition, Cortina Vegetal the partition with planter and Tabique (Column) demonstrating its further ability to cover up existing untreated columns, walls and structures.
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Ello my friend!
Ello Rollator is our latest healthcare/wellness product. Ello is a unique walking assistant for people with weak leg muscles or on recovery from injuries. It is a battery powered rollator, whereas all rollators up to now are just metal frames on wheels pushed by user. Ello solves the common problems users face with conventional rollators, such as braking downhill, ascending uphill and overcoming kerbs and edges. Together with its chic black design and the latest intelligent technologies, Ello reinvents the concept of Rollators.
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