Purus is coming to Hong Kong
Last month, the two companies have signed NDA. We will be bringing Purus to Hong Kong and Macau. Purus is Japan's No.1 most reliable Hot/Wet Towel Dispenser that is applicable for Healthcare, Restaurant and Home Use.
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Christmas Party 2018
Christmas this year was as lively as usual, our company held a Christmas party, colleagues brought their families and we celebrate together. We have beautiful decorations, lucky draw and delicious food. In the atmosphere of fun and joy, we felt the warmth as a big family and welcome the New Year together.
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Annual dinner 2019
On 2019/1/11, we held an annual dinner to celebrate our success in the past months and to welcome a new start ahead. We are as diligent as bees which work together to create a powerful team. We have numerous fruitful experiences throughout the year which definitely helped us to improve continuously. We are also delighted and proud to present our recipients for Long-Service Award: Ms. Chingmy Chui (25 years), Mr. Teddy Tang (25 years), Ms. Rebecca Choi (25 years), Mr. Edward Poon (10years) and Mr. Calvin Wong (10 years). Thanks you all, we are honored to have you as our colleagues. Your contribution and hard work throughout all these years are priceless and highly appreciated. We all will keep up serving our customers with quality service as always and strive for the best!
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Keystone for VTC
International Culinary Institute is part of the Vocational Training Council (VTC). Established in 1982, the VTC is the principal vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong and the region, with over 200,000 students studying across 13 member institutions. TVB News reported the new ICI was operational at Pokfulam on October, 2018. The facilities include a Hydroponic System (Keystone Technology) for the multi-purpose kitchen. Delta Pyramax is responsible for supply the hydroponic systems (Picclo & Desktop model) to ICI. Keystone Technology is coming from Japan which is environmentally, hygienic and high nutritional. Hydroponic is a viable method of producing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The demand for locally grown produce has risen dramatically. Growing these crops hydroponically is a very efficient means of meeting that demand. Hydroponic can grow anywhere and any season, the system is conserving water and harvesting is easier. Its practice can yield excellent results in short span of time with proper knowledge and techniques.
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